I know of people who recently got divorced and after almost 3 years of stressful and on-going, opposed divorce litigation and having paid close to a Million Rand to their legal counsel in total, finally sat down over Christmas, feeling emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted and concluded their Divorce Settlement Agreement themselves. They initially felt a sense of relief knowing that they had reached finality and at the same time had avoided further legal costs, OR SO THEY THOUGHT. Regrettably, their feeling of satisfaction was short lived and the consequences of their novice effort no less than devastating! The agreement fell far short having regard to various critical legal issues such as the duration of maintenance obligations and the enforcement of the transfer of certain assets, as a result, leading to further on-going and costly high court actions.

Don’t let this become the unnecessary ending to a sad and emotional chapter of your life. AVOID HUGE LEGAL COSTS AND ACHIEVE THE OUTCOME THAT YOU DESERVE. As an experienced Divorce lawyer, I can assure you that the only solution is a professionally drafted settlement agreement resulting from a fair and objective Divorce Mediation process, seeking to keep the scale in balance.

You may feel that you are saving costs by drafting an agreement yourself but trust me this option will cost you dearly! This is no doubt a clear case of “Penny wise and pound foolish”.

YOU CANNOT ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONS TO GET THE UPPER HAND. Having many years of experience in dealing with divorces, I have come to realise that people cannot avoid the traumatising and emotional “roller coaster” effect that a divorce has on you. You can however avoid having these emotions determine the outcome of your divorce by seeking the assistance of an experienced, divorce lawyer who can objectively assist you. DO NOT FALL INTO AN EMOTIONAL TRAP AND ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONNED OUT OF YOUR LIFE LONG EARNINGS. Be sensible, opt for Divorce Mediation to achieve the best possible Settlement Agreement, bringing finality to this emotionally draining time of your life.

The importance of having an expert, divorce lawyer, negotiate and prepare a divorce settlement cannot be over emphasised. I say this as a Divorce Settlement Agreement is one of the most important contracts you will ever conclude due to the on-going nature and application thereof (as opposed to finalisation on compliance of the contract as is the case with most other contracts). You will need to refer to this agreement and possibly enforce the terms thereof years after the granting of a divorce.

A settlement agreement is made an order of court at the time of the divorce being granted and as such it dictates the terms of the divorce which cannot simply be overturned or amended. The only way to amend the terms of a divorce settlement agreement, is by application to the High Court which is a costly and time consuming exercise – WHY WASTE FURTHER COSTS AND CAUSE MORE TRAUMA!


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